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Artificial Tropical Flowers and Plants

The exotic beauty and dramatic colors of the tropics

Tropical flowers and plants represent the flora from some of the most beautiful areas on earth. Places in the tropics, which lie between the parallel lines of latitude 23.5 north and 23.5 south of the equator. Places where the change in trade winds and the rainy season, rather than a change of temperature, designates the seasons. Places with diverse ecosystems such as desert, rain forest, coastline, mountain, and of course, island. In the tropics, the beauty of nature flourishes 24/7/365. Ever since the first explorers returned home with specimens, exotic tropical flowers and plants have fascinated people. Their beauty makes it understandable why they have become a part of our everyday floral décor. Most houseplants have tropical origins, as do many of the perennials and annuals we plant in our gardens each summer. However, what mostly come to mind when we think of tropical botanicals are the large, dramatic, colorful flowers and the rich, lush foliages that thrive on, and embellish, islands.

Tropical Flower Arrangements & Home Décor tropical silk flower collection makes it easy to accessorize your tropical home décor. Whether it is a top-to-bottom home design or just a single room get-a-way, you can add the perfect tropical silk flower arrangement or artificial plant designed to capture that laid-back, relaxing-in-paradise feeling, and complement your interior space and style. Add a big splash of vibrant, natural color with our artificial tropical flower arrangements created with faux bird of paradise, anthurium, calla lily, bougainvillea, orchid, and torch ginger. Our silk flowers are amazingly realistic, constructed to be exact replicas, perfectly detailed in color, shading, and texture on petals and leaves, as well as the stems. Family and friends will be surprised to discover that they are artificial, but that's only if you tell them.

Tropical Foliage & Home Décor

Any type of tropical interior design theme demands beautiful, lush, thriving landscaping (plantscaping). artificial plants and trees are the ideal way to achieve this effect. They are just the right design element that adds an abundance of life to your overall design project. They are equally effective placed alone as a single specimen plant, or as components of a dense, vertically layered rain forest. It depends on the look you want to accomplish. Choose from our vast selection of silk botanicals including silk grasses, artificial ferns, silk palms and bamboo, silk cycas, spathiphyllum, and silver queen, artificial floor plants and trees such as silk mango, schefflera, ficus, Japanese maple, aspidistra, dracaena, yucca, croton, as well as an entire collection of faux succulents (just to name a few). A mixture of our designer quality silk plant creations and handcrafted artificial trees provide variations of rich, organic color, as well as texture, motion, and dimension.

Decorative Plant Containers

An important design element when including artificial floor plants and trees in any interior decorating project is the plant container. offers a wonderful and extensive line of decorative plant and tree containers designed to enhance and complement any interior décor style. We make it easy for you to choose a great looking container. We recommend selecting a color and style that complements the furnishings in the room, rather than one that "looks" tropical. We offer correctly sized container options for every one of our artificial floor plants and silk trees. Our quality floor plant assembly and handcrafted tree construction assures there is never a stability problem. It's easy; you can't go wrong because we guarantee your satisfaction. artificial plants and trees in our decorative plant containers make a wonderful combination that you will be proud to display.

Tropical Decorating Ideas and Suggestions

Tropical flower arrangements are exotic and unique. However, they are not exclusive for tropical interior décor. When used correctly, in the proper container, they are wonderful flowers, and work equally well in any décor style. They can be contemporary, modern, or traditional; minimal or eclectic; Asian, African, or Mediterranean; formal or casual. Do not limit them, or your ideas, by a category name.
In addition, if you are fortunate enough to have a green thumb and a collection of live plants, keep an open mind, artificial botanicals mix very well with the real thing. They are designed for the indoors, and work well in areas that transition to outdoor living areas and outdoor landscaping. Clients have told us they use our silk orchid stems in their live plants that aren't blooming. Others have recommended mixing our artificial plant and tree renderings with their live plantscaping and have gone as far as covering the top of the containers with potting soil. We just want to remind them that ours don't need to be watered, fertilized, or transplanted. They will never die.