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Silk Floral Arrangements

Extraordinary silk flower arrangements for every space!

Seeing is believing. You won't find silk flowers arrangements more lifelike than these anywhere else online. Hand-crafted and artisan-designed for maximum appeal, our large silk floral arrangements use only the highest-quality silk flower components in every arrangement. Add in our crystal-clear acrylic water and charming containers, and it's easy to see how our silk flower designs provide lasting beauty for years to come.

Small Silk Flower Arrangement Designs
Add warmth and color to even the smallest space in the house with our small silk floral arrangements. They're perfect for placing on end-tables, bookcases and other nooks and crannies. Artfully arranged in different bud vases and decorative containers, these artificial flower arrangements include everything from colorful bunches of silk hydrangeas to sprightly silk daisies.


Artisan Design
Down to the placement of each and every stem, all of our silk flower accents are custom-designed by talented artisans. From lush groupings of peonies to irresistible rose bouquets, and silk hydrangeas, each artificial flower arrangement is specifically created to add beauty and character to smaller spaces.

Hand Crafted
Assembled in the USA, our designer silk floral arrangements are all crafted by hand for maximum quality and attention to detail. Quality materials and a personal touch are what give each silk floral arrangement its unique lifelike appeal.


Superior Quality
Crafted of only the highest-quality, durable artificial flower materials our silk floral designs will never lose their lifelike bloom. Our artificial flowers can continue to enhance your home for years to come.


The Most Lifelike
You won't find silk flower accents and designer silk floral arrangements more lifelike than these anywhere else online. Seeing is believing! Our designer silk floral arrangements are an ideal addition to any room. We have a variety of artificial silk flower arrangements to choose from - each adding a stylish and colorful accent to your home.

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